Minnesota Business Law Attorney

Allison J. Rapp Fredrickson has a broad-ranging practice. Her primary focuses are on Family Law, Criminal Law and Civil Litigation matters.

With over fifteen years of experience in the family law field, first as a paralegal in her mother’s firm and then as a practicing attorney for the past nine years, Allison has had the privilege of dealing with high conflict domestic cases in both mediation and courtroom settings. While clerking for a Second Judicial District family court referee, she gained valuable insight into how and why judges enter orders that have a profound impact on parents and families.

She has worked on a low-income criminal defense panel in Ramsey County, where she was in the courtroom daily, providing her with ample litigation experience, but also honing in on her strategic negotiation skills. She navigated the courtroom and interacted with probation officers and prosecutors to tactfully and persistently pursue negotiated settlements.

As well as this Allison has been involved in small business and civil litigation throughout her years of practice, having two small business owners in her immediate family and dealing with multiple issues that face businesses in Minnesota, including employment law, copyright and trademarks, non-compete clauses and negotiating lease agreements. She also works on landlord tenant cases and deals with real estate issues for both her family law and business litigation clients.

Allison has personal experience with many of the issues surrounding families in conflict, including addiction and mental illness, which makes her an appropriately empathetic listener with outstanding interpersonal skills. With her experience and continued involvement in matters that affect families, Allison will remain at the forefront of her field and successfully help clients maneuver through the complicated family law legal system.

Phone: 651-291-1717

Email Address: afredrickson@dudleyandsmith.com