Tax Considerations for Your Pet Trust

      If you have set up a pet trust for the care of your pets after you are    no longer able to care for them, or if you are interested in doing so,  you may want to consider the following information regarding the  taxation of this type of trust.     There are… Read more »

I Want a Pet Trust, but How Do I Fund It?

  When making your estate plan, you may wonder how you will ensure your beloved pets are taken care of after you’re gone. With a pet trust, you can designate money to be used for the benefit of your pets, so that a chosen caregiver is not burdened with your pets’ expenses. There are several things… Read more »

Creating A Pet Trust: Making Sure Your Pets Are Well Taken Care Of

  If you would like to leave funds for the care of your pets after you’re gone, a pet trust is a great way to accomplish this goal. When establishing a pet trust you will need to make several choices about the form and content of the trust. Below you will find explanations of various… Read more »

Unmarried Owners of Real Property: Don’t Neglect This Important Step.

Many unmarried couples choose to live together before getting married, or as an alternative to marriage. What these couples often don’t realize is that they lack important legal protections that the law gives to married couples. However, couples can create similar protections and property rights by signing a co-ownership contract. A co-ownership contract is very… Read more »

Appeal Win for Client in Dispute Regarding Land Development in Lake Elmo.

On February 20, 2018, Dudley and Smith, P.A. attorneys Chris Boline and Joseph Dudley secured a land use victory for their client, LeRoy J. Rossow, Jr., after the Minnesota Supreme Court denied Lake Elmo’s petition asking the Court to review the Court of Appeals decision in favor of Rossow. Background Facts Rossow owns ten acres of… Read more »

Cryptocurrency Tax Considerations for Investors

Many view the world of virtual currency (or “cryptocurrency”) as an unregulated landscape. While it is true that this new area of technology is constantly advancing, and lacks many of the regulations in place for traditional forms of commerce, the profits involved in investing, selling and mining cryptocurrencies are real, and create tax obligations. The… Read more »

If I’m Selling My Business, What’s the Difference Between an Asset Sale and a Stock Sale?

If I’m selling my business, what’s the difference between an asset sale and a stock sale? When considering to sell your business or to buy a business, it is important to know the difference between an asset sale and a stock sale.  Generally, buyers prefer asset sales and sellers prefer stock sales. What is an… Read more »

Alternatives to Litigation

If I have a dispute with two or more people, is there any other method to resolve the differences other than litigation or court? Yes!  There are numerous alternatives to trial or litigation if you have a dispute.  Minnesota courts often require that parties participate in “alternative dispute resolution” (“ADR”) prior to trial.  However, ADR… Read more »

As a Passenger, Who is Responsible for Paying my Medical and Income Loss Benefits if I am Involved in a Motor Vehicle Accident?

If you were a passenger involved in a motor vehicle accident (MVA) in Minnesota, you are entitled to medical and income loss benefits under Minnesota’s No-Fault Act.  However, there is a priority of who pays for a passenger’s no-fault benefits. Who will pay for my no-fault benefits? (1) Do you have No-Fault Insurance? If you… Read more »