What Can Survivors do in the Event of a Death of a Loved One in a Motor Vehicle Accident Caused by Conduct Other Than Their Own?

As a survivor, will I be entitled to PIP(Personal Injury Protection) benefits under Minnesota’s No-Fault Act? Yes, survivors are entitled to death benefits, funeral and burial expenses, and survivor’s replacement services loss under Minnesota’s No-Fault Benefits. Death Benefits As a survivor, you are entitled up to $500 per week for economic loss benefits.  These benefits… Read more »

Can I Receive Medical Benefits If I’m Injured In A Motor Vehicle Accident?

All owners and drivers in the State of Minnesota are required to have Minnesota No-Fault Auto Insurance.  Additionally, all cars or truck accidents in Minnesota should be covered by the Minnesota No-Fault Law.  This law pays certain out-of-pocket expenses, regardless of who is at fault.  No-fault benefits are sometimes called “basic economic loss benefits” or… Read more »

I’m a pedestrian or bicyclist, am I entitled to medical and income loss benefits if I was injured by a motor vehicle?

Yes!  Minnesota’s No-Fault Act grants a pedestrian Basic Economic Loss (BEL) benefits if your injury results from the use or maintenance of a motor vehicle.  If your accident occurs in Minnesota, every person injured by a motor vehicle is entitled to BEL benefits.  Additionally, bicyclists are entitled to Minnesota’s No-Fault benefits. Accidents involving pedestrians Your… Read more »

Is a School Liable for Your Childs Injuries?

Is a school liable if your child is injured during school or a school sponsored activity, possibly, yes. School districts owe a duty of reasonable care to students and a duty to provide supervision to their students. Schools have been held liable for injuries that occur on playgrounds, in gym class, even in advanced woodworking classes when students were… Read more »

Minnesota Dog Bite and Dog Attack Law

Attorney Katherine Brown Holmen recently settled a claim based on Minnesota Statute §347.22 for a client who was severely injured in a bicycle accident caused by a dog. The accident was not due to a direct dog bite, but by a dog on dog attack in the road. The settlement was accomplished outside of court… Read more »

Minnesota Uninsured and Underinsured Insurance Coverage

In Minnesota, every auto insurance plan must include both uninsured motorist coverage (UM) and underinsured motorist coverage (UIM). These types of benefits only apply when you are in an accident in which the other driver is at fault. Once your regular no-fault personal injury coverage has kicked in, these types of claims can help cover… Read more »

Wrongful Death Claims in Minnesota

A cause of action for the wrongful  death of a family member was created by the enactment of a statute. Minn. Stat. §573.02.  A trustee must be appointed by the court to maintain the action on behalf of the next-of-kin.  Id. Although, the trustee  does  not  have to be a next-of-kin, a next-of-kin  must petition… Read more »