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Dudley and Smith, P.A. is an experienced Minnesota law firm practicing in litigation, personal injury, business, family law, bankruptcy, criminal law, estate planning and real estate. Our firm has attorneys with extensive experience in many topics, and we have clients that have been with us since our founding in 1952.

Dudley and Smith, P.A. represents individuals and businesses in all aspects of life. Among our topic areas are consumer issues, real estate, family law, wills and estates, financial distress, bankruptcy, business law, criminal law, personal injury, administrative law and litigation. Our fees are competitive and fair.

Dudley and Smith, P.A.  knows the court system and has appeared in courts for years. We practice in all Minnesota courts, both state courts and the federal court. We also appear in the Wisconsin State Courts and in the federal court in the Western District of Wisconsin.




    The Minnesota Litigation Attorneys at Dudley and Smith realize that although many disputes can be resolved without going to trial, the Minnesota Litigation Attorneys at Dudley and Smith, P.A. have years of successful courtroom experience in representing individuals and businesses in a variety of litigation matters.  From the conception of your case, the civil litigators at Dudley and Smith, P.A. work arduously to develop a trial strategy that encompasses the clients immediate and future goals.  We work together with clients to ensure that they understand the litigation process and the costs and options involved.  While we have a strong history of trial success at Dudley and Smith, P.A., an informed client is always happier than one that was left in the dark, regardless of the outcome.

    Civil litigation involves much more than filing motions and arguing in front of a judge or jury.  Litigated matters often proceed to mediation or arbitration before trial.  We have had complex civil cases settle on the eve of trial.  Sometimes, settlement cannot be reached by the conflicting parties and litigation may be the best way to achieve the client’s ultimate outcome.  Our Minnesota Litigation Attorney at Dudley and Smith, P.A. have the tenacity and attention to detail that you want in a trial lawyer.

    As a full service law firm, the experienced Minnesota Litigation Attorneys at Dudley and Smith, P.A. can assist you in assessing your legal options to determine if litigation is the optimal course of action in your case.

    Meet Our Minnesota Litigation Attorneys:


    Joseph J. Dudley, Jr. – Appellate practice, Business and Commercial Law, Litigation, Insurance Law, Franchise Law, Real Estate, Tax Law, USDA Appeals



    Steven C. Opheim – Bankruptcy, Business and Commercial Law, Litigation, Homeowner’s and Condominium Associations, Real Estate, Trademark Law, Non-Profits, Tax Law, Insurance Law



    Christopher W. Boline – Appeals, Business and Commercial Law, Litigation, Real Estate, Consumer Law, Personal Injury, USDA Appeals, Administrative Law



    Need a specialized Minnesota Real Estate Attorney? Buying, selling, renting, leasing or investing in property all comes with different rules and regulations.  Whether you are confused about the conditions outlined in your lease or have been served with a letter of intended foreclosure, it is important to have a legal professional on your side.  The Minnesota Real Estate Attorneys at Dudley and Smith, P.A. are experienced Minnesota real estate attorneys helping property owners, developers, builders, homeowners’ associations, managers, landlords, tenants, contractors, lenders, and individual home buyers across Minnesota and Wisconsin with real estate and property law issues.

    Buy, Sell and Invest With Confidence

    Speaking to a real estate attorney before signing any agreement can provide you with the confidence to know that you are making the right decision and minimizing the chance for legal problems down the road. This can make the whole decision a lot smoother and provide you with the confidence and security needed to move on with the transaction. Early legal intervention is often the best defense against property disputes. The Minnesota Real Estate Attorneys at Dudley and Smith, P.A., we represent clients in Minnesota and Wisconsin facing residential and commercial property transactions including:

    • Commercial real estate, including leases and business entity formation
    • Purchase and sale contracts
    • Land development disputes
    • Land use, zoning approvals and regulatory compliance
    • Residential agreements, titles and closings
    • Landlord/Tenant law and disputes including leases and evictions
    • Homeowner’s and Condominium Association law
    • Condemnation and adverse possession
    • Quiet title disputes
    • Boundary disputes
    • Mechanic’s liens
    • Eminent domain
    • Mortgage and foreclosure law

    Meet Our Minnesota Real Estate Attorneys:


    Joseph J. Dudley, Jr. – Appellate practice, Business and Commercial Law, Litigation, Insurance Law, Franchise Law, Real Estate, Tax Law, USDA Appeals



    Steven C. Opheim – Bankruptcy, Business and Commercial Law, Litigation, Homeowner’s and Condominium Associations, Real Estate, Trademark Law, Non-Profits, Tax Law, Insurance Law



    Christopher W. Boline – Appeals, Business and Commercial Law, Litigation, Real Estate, Consumer Law, Personal Injury, USDA Appeals, Administrative Law





    Minnesota Family Lawyers your Can Trust

    Dudley & Smith is Minnesota’s top Family Law Firm. Our Minnesota Family Law Attorneys are here to assist you in every step of the legal process. Regardless of what family law issues you are currently going through, from divorce and separation to child custody and child support complications, Dudley and Smith, P.A. offers you the compassion and guidance to get through this challenging time. We have been helping families in Minnesota and Wisconsin overcome difficult and life-changing obstacles since 1952. We protect the rights of families – husbands, wives, partners, parents, children and anyone else involved. Let us be your guiding light through this dark and confusing time.

    Minnesota Divorce Attorneys

    Divorce can be one of the most stressful times in your life. No one goes into a marriage thinking it will end this way, and it can be a long journey getting back to a happy place.  The Minnesota Divorce Attorneys Dudley and Smith, P.A. we are committed to making the process as quick and stress-free as possible.  We will fight for your rights, no matter what the situation is.  We gather personal information, including assets and debts to help tailor a divorce plan that fits your needs.

    Minnesota Child Custody Attorneys

    One of the hardest things about a divorce or separation is the splitting up of your family. If you have children it can be hard to know what’s best for them during a divorce. Child custody cases can get messy, but the most important thing is to serve the best interests of the children involved. Whether this involves a joint custody agreement or a full custody agreement with visitation rights, our Minnesota child custody lawyer will represent you and your best interests, regardless of what this may be.

    Individualized Attention, Affordable Assistance

    We know that every case is different.  Some divorces end amicably, some do not.  Some custody hearings end with both parties happy, some do not.  We can help you understand your options and work with your budget.  We will sit down with you at a time and place that is convenient for you to determine what exactly has happened and create an individualized plan to help you take the best step forward.

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    Meet Our Minnesota Family Law Attorneys:


    Gloria E. Bogen has over 30 years of legal experience, including 15 years as the Executive Director and Lead Staff Attorney at the non-profit Legal Assistance of Washington County where she provided free legal representation to low-income family law clients.  Her experience ensures you will receive the most professional, ethical and effective representation for your family law issues.  To speak with an experienced family law attorney, contact Gloria today at 651-291-1717.


    Personal injuries can happen in an instant but impact the rest of your life – a personal injury can result in financial, physical and emotional suffering for you and your family. If you or someone you love has been seriously injured due to the negligence, carelessness, or wrongdoing of someone else, then contact Dudley and Smith, P.A., a highly qualified personal injury law firm based in St. Paul.

    We help clients who have suffered all different kinds of injuries. When you are injured as a result of someone else’s negligence, you can be facing expensive medical bills and missed time from work, putting a huge strain on your finances. You may also find yourself facing a painful recovery and a huge amount of stress that can take a toll on your emotional health and that of your family and friends. A personal injury attorney can help you navigate this situation and get you back on your feet by getting you compensation or reimbursement that you may be owed. We can negotiate on your behalf and guide you through the different types of claims you may be able to make. Filing a personal injury lawsuit can help relieve some of the financial stress of an injury, so that you can focus on regaining your physical health and your quality of life. For more information regarding whether or not you may have a personal injury claim, feel free to contact our office.

    Meet Our Minnesota Personal Injury Attorney:


    Since her graduation our Personal Injury Attorney Katherine A. Brown Holmen has worked exclusively as a personal injury lawyer in the Minnesota area, gaining great experience from a huge number of cases, as well as a fantastic reputation among her fellow attorneys. As a result, she is a strong advocate for people who have suffered injuries because of another person’s negligence and is always keen to fight for justice on their behalf….. Click Here to Read More




    The Minnesota Business Law Attorneys at Dudley and Smith, P.A. have been helping clients across Minnesota and Wisconsin since 1952, handling business transactions and legal disputes that business owners are often faced with. We provide comprehensive and practical legal advice to ensure that your business runs smoothly. Let Dudley and Smith, P.A. be your advocate and your legal negotiator. Our wide range of commercial litigation and transactional services include:

    • Business agreements
    • Commercial Purchase and Sale Agreements
    • Breach of contract
    • Business structures
    • Building and construction law
    • Commercial law
    • Real estate and lease transactions
    • Family business disputes
    • Shareholder/partnership disputes
    • Employment law
    • Insurance law
    • Franchising
    • Professional negligence
    • License agreements
    • Selling, trading and merger acquisitions
    • Pension and payroll disputes
    • Advisory and compliance issues
    • Industrial/workplace relations
    • Environmental conflicts
    • Occupational health and safety disputes


    A Perfect Business Partnership

    Keeping a business running smoothly takes a lot of skill and effort. You need to control all aspects of your business from finances to employment, from stock-taking to marketing. Whether you are working on your own or employ 15,000 people, if there is ever something out of place, it’s important to have a commercial litigation attorney you can turn to.

    At Dudley and Smith, P.A., it is our firm belief that an attorney must fully understand each client’s needs and interests.  We take this belief to each and every case while representing every individual client’s dispute with the zeal it deserves.  Whether you need a trial lawyer or some assistance with standard documentation and paperwork, we can help.  Whether you are looking for short-term advice or are seeking a long-term litigation lawyer, we offer our dedication and directness to each and every client.  Do not take risks with your business – we can offer you assistance with what you need to keep your company running smoothly and proficiently.

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    Meet Our Minnesota Business Law Attorneys:


    Joseph J. Dudley, Jr. – Appellate practice, Business and Commercial Law, Litigation, Insurance Law, Franchise Law, Real Estate, Tax Law, USDA Appeals



    Christopher W. Boline – Appeals, Business and Commercial Law, Litigation, Real Estate, Consumer Law, Personal Injury, USDA Appeals, Administrative Law




































    Joseph J. Dudley P.A.

    Joseph J. Dudley P.A.

    Mr. Dudley has been awarded the highest Peer Review Rating of AV Preeminent (5 out of 5) that can be awarded to an attorney by Martindale-Hubbell, the most recognized and oldest peer review rating in the United States. An AV rating is defined as a significant rating accomplishment – a testament to the fact that a lawyer’s peers rank him or her at the highest level of professional excellence. 

    Christopher W. Boline P.A.

    Christopher W. Boline P.A.

    Christopher received his J.D. from William Mitchell College of Law in St. Paul, Minnesota. During law school, Christopher served as a certified student attorney in a Hennepin County suburban court, was an extern with a Hennepin County District Court judge, and received recognition from the Minnesota Justice Foundation for his time devoted to public service. He began working for Dudley and Smith, P.A. as a clerk during law school.

    Katherine A. Brown Holmen P.A.

    Katherine A. Brown Holmen P.A.

    Katherine grew up in Minnesota and has lived there for most of her life. However, she did attend the University of North Dakota School of Law; where she was a dedicated student who graduated and passed the Minnesota Bar Examination to become a lawyer by the age of 24.Since her graduation she has worked exclusively as a personal injury lawyer in the Minnesota area. Katherine has earned an excellent reputation.

    Steven C. Opheim P.A.

    Steven C. Opheim P.A.

    Steven C. Opheim is an attorney at law since 1985, practicing in the areas of Homeowners Association Law, Business Law, Creditor’s and Debtor’s Rights, Bankruptcy, Commercial Litigation and Real Estate Law. Mr. Opheim is licensed to practice law in Minnesota and Wisconsin and is a member of the Minnesota State Bar Association, Ramsey County Bar Association and Bankruptcy Section and Real Property Law Section of the MSBA.

    Gloria E. Bogen P.A.

    Gloria E. Bogen P.A.

    Gloria Bogen has devoted her legal career to representing individuals in Family Law cases since she graduated with honors from William Mitchell College of Law and was admitted to the Minnesota Bar in 1982. Her vast knowledge of the law, over 30 years of legal experience, and her skills as a litigator and effective negotiator means that you will receive professional, ethical, effective and quality legal representation.

    Jonathan R. Engel

    Jonathan R. Engel

    Jonathan received his J.D. from the University of St. Thomas in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Upon graduation from law school, Jonathan clerked for a district court judge in Minnesota where he did legal research and helped write decisions. Jonathan gained insight on the decision-making process of judges through this experience. After clerking, Jonathan was a staff attorney for a nationally recognized non-profit organization where he litigated many cases through trial.