Minnesota Homeowners Attorneys

Homeowner’s and Condominium Associations–or Community Associations–are residential developments that include town-homes, condos, and entire neighborhoods.  Dudley and Smith, P.A. offers a wide range of services for associations and individuals.  We have represented community associations for over 25 years and have extensive experience in this area of law.

Boards of directors of town-home and condominium associations are expected to comply with their governing documents and the laws that affect their associations, as well as fully collect assessments, maintain adequate reserves for maintenance and replacement of association property, and respond to disputes among members of the association.  We provide advice and legal assistance to boards of directors in the performance of their duties and functions.

We represent the boards of directors of town-homes and condominiums in the enforcement of the declaration and rules and regulations; the collection of assessments, whether through litigation or lien foreclosure; and other issues concerning the governance of the association.  We also represent individuals who have issues with the association or who face collection action for unpaid association assessments.

We provide the following legal services to community associations and individuals:

  • Enforcement of liens and foreclosures
  • Drafting and review of governing documents
  • Collection of association assessments and fees
  • Enforcement of association rules and regulations
  • Homeowners’ dispute resolution
  • Purchase and sale of condominiums and town-homes
  • Drafting of Declaration, Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, and Rules and Regulations
  • Litigation involving community associations
  • Advice to association boards of directors
  • Attendance at annual meetings and board meetings

Our fees are reasonable and fixed fees may be negotiable for certain matters.  To learn more about your legal options, contact Dudley and Smith, P.A. today at 651-291-1717.