County May Sue for Unpaid Debts Even if Defendant Does Not Live in that County

On August 1, 2015, a new law went into effect that expanded the territorial jurisdiction of a county’s reach to sue its debtors. The new law will permit Minnesota counties to sue its debtors in their conciliation court, often referred to as small claims, even though the debtor is not a resident of the county.

Is an Oral Promise to Guarantee the Debt of Another Valid?

The importance of having well-drafted written contracts cannot be understated in the business context. No matter the relationship of the parties to the underlying agreement, having that agreement documented in writing is the safest way to memorialize the parties’ contract. Although not recommended, a verbal contract is not invalid per se. With certain exceptions, parties… Read more »

The Duty to Preserve Evidence – Spoliation in Minnesota Litigation

Before you make the decision to start a lawsuit, you should be thinking about preserving evidence.  When a lawsuit is anticipated or pending, potential parties should be aware from the outset that they may have an obligation to preserve evidence if they intend to use it against another party. The failure to preserve evidence may… Read more »